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Mobile Empowerment of Patient by an Integrated ICT Environment / Wzmocnienie mobilności pacjenta poprzez integrację produktów informatycznych (56–62)

Autorzy: Kazimierz Frączkowski, Antoni Zwiefka


Integration of Information Communication Technology (ICT) products from different manufacturers to provide friendly support for patients and health professionals is a challenge for organizational, legal, and technological interoperability. To empowerment of patients over 65, it is necessary to support them with proper ICT tools. There are many technological solutions in e-Health sector, which do not support the patient’s complex needs and standards. The CareWell project adapted a formula based on the acquisition of commercial ready-made applications that support the functionality defined for patients, doctors, nurses and the Contact Centers (Call Centers). Lessons learned from the CareWell project phases from beginning of the business processes modeling with their modification for the project needs, as well as mapping of the available functionalities of selected IT platforms, work integration and implementation, are discussed in the paper.


Keywords: telemedicine, mobile technology, integration ICT system

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