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Assessment of structure of plate implants used in mandibular osteosynthees / Ocena struktury implantów płytkowych stosowanych do zespoleń żuchwy (172–179)

Autorzy: Agnieszka Szust, Włodzimierz Dudziński, Marta Szalkowska


Titanium plate implants used in osteotomy and osteosynthesis of mandible were studied. These medical procedures are planned and their goal is shortening or extending the ramus of mandible. Material used for manufacturing of miniplates – titanium and its alloys – is a basic biomaterial. In this paper, we present results of macro- and microscopic examination of mini plates made from technically pure titanium – grade 2. These are typical implants used in mandible osteosynthesis. Straight 4- and 5-hole plates and partially open 6-hole plate were investigated. Structural analysis was conducted on used plates – removed from patient’s body after completion of treatment or in result of plate fracture during treatment. Comparative microstructure examination of brand new, unused plates was also conducted.


Słowa kluczowe: plate implant, microstructure, SEM

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