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The use of finite elements method for analyzing the load occurring in components of endoprostheses / Wykorzystanie metody elementów skończonych do analizy obciążeń występujących w komponentach endoprotez (166–175)

Autorzy: Michał Sobociński, Marcin Nabrdalik


This paper presents numerical analysis of strength in virtual hip and knee joints by means of the finite elements method FEM. Predicting the places in implants, where damage or premature wear may occur, is extremely important. The obtained results helped to exhibit weak points in examined models, and thus may be used to protect premature wear of endoprosthesis elements. The numerical analysis was based on the finite elements method FEM using Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2016 software and the ADINA 7.5.1.

Słowa kluczowe: endoprosthesis, FEM, contact stress

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