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Model of medical robot with a novel structure of kinematical chain for tumor operation / Model robota medycz-nego z nową strukturą łańcucha kinematycznego do operacji onkologicznych (25-32)

Autorzy: Grzegorz Ilewicz


A model of medical robot for tumor operation is presented. To provide the possibility of changing the access port without moving the whole construction, one prismatic pair was added to kinematical structure. Two eigenvalue problems of mechanics were calculated using finite element method, to get information about possibility of reso-nance phenomenon for kinematical chain and the load factors that give information about dangerous values of external critical force. From stiffness point of view, presented construction is better than most popular da Vinci and Robin Heart. The structure of kinematical chain is also different from those occurring in these two robots.

Keywords: medical robot, innovation, finite element method, eigenvalue problems of mechanics

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